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General Maintenance understands how important it is to keep your home and workplace cool. We specialize in air conditioning installation and services. Our professional technicians can complete most installs in a matter of hours.

Stop feeling the tropical heat and start enjoying a refreshing air-conditioned day with General Maintenance. Now serving the entire island including:


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Installing an air conditioner takes a combination of skills including electrical, masonry, and a firm understanding of air conditioning systems. It’s always recommended that you hire a professional AC technician to install your air conditioning unit. This ensures that you get the best possible results. Most air conditioning manufacturers require a licensed technician to do your installation or it will void the warranty. Contact us today to avoid these pitfalls and start enjoying refreshing AC every day.


When your AC stops working, your employees, clients, and loved ones suffer. The tropical sun is fantastic for the beach, but it can make your living and working environments extremely uncomfortable. General Maintenance specializes in air conditioning repair. Our professional staff will come to your location and complete your repairs onsite and promptly. Contact us today to schedule a repair estimate.


Solar power is by far the safest and most environmentally friendly power generation in the world. Solar power does not create toxic by-products when generating power, it does not require the environment to be damaged to attain, and it does not need to be imported. Because solar power is so beneficial to people and the environment, General Maintenance will continue to strive to make Puerto Rico and the surrounding areas a solar power generated community.


We will professionally landscape your yard or place of business. We have specially trained technicians that really know how to get your yard in the best shape possible. Contact us today for a free estimate and we will be sure to take care of you in the most professional manner. Thank you for stopping by General Maintenance PR.


Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to stay running great. Units can begin to lose cooling power when they get dirty. A dirty AC can raise your light bill because the compressor and fan must work harder to keep your room cool. A neglected AC can create a hazardous environment because harmful particles get thrown into your living space. Avoid these common mistakes by signing up for one of our customizable maintenance agreements


General Maintenance offers a wide selection of air conditioners to cool your home or office including split-inverters, chillers, and solar-powered units. We offer discounted rates for senior citizens, schools, hotels, and multi-unit customers. Purchasing a new air conditioning unit is a big commitment and our professional staff is ready to help you find the perfect AC to fit your budget.


General Maintenance offers comprehensive electrical repairs. We will come to your business location and troubleshoot your problem with our state of the art diagnostic tools to be sure to find out the problems. Our professionalism is unmatched and our clientele is extensive. We believe in only the highest customer services.

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