Puerto Rico Solar System – Pre-installation Concerns

Installing a Puerto Rico Solar System is a wise decision because you save money and you reduce your carbon footprint. However,  any solar investment requires thorough consideration. A Puerto Rico solar expert can help you conducts accurate calculations to ensure you pick the system that’s right for you.

Puerto Rico Solar System 2

Puerto Rico Solar System 2

Puerto Rico is filled with solar companies ready to discuss your potential future purchase. Unfortunately, this situation doesn’t help when you don’t have the time to learn every single aspect regarding solar panels and their installations. To make this process less difficult and time-consuming, we will provide eight factors to consider pre-installation. These factors will help your Puerto Rico solar company sales rep pick the right product to fit your needs.

How Long Will You Live in Your Puerto Rico Home?

It is important to know that even though your reduction in electricity costs reflect quickly, the costs of your solar system, on average, takes around five to six years to recoup. The panels and the installation are not cheap. Installing a Puerto Rico solar system makes the most sense when you are planning to live in the same house for a long time. If this is the plan, the energy reductions and the cost-effectiveness will be noticeable and the wait will be worth it. Note, if you change locations a lot, it’s better to think of other ways to decrease your energy consumptions. Examples include switching to LED light bulbs, available solar bulbs, and floodlights with sensors.

Energy Needs

Every home consumes contrasting amounts of energy. The amount of energy used in your house depends on what electronic devices are used, how many people live in the house, and power management, such as turning off lights when you leave the room. These things are important to consider when if you want to save money and energy. Importantly, You don’t want to end up investing more money than needed if your house has a low energy usage

It’s crucial to know the average energy consumption of your household in order to infer how many panels will be sufficient. To determine the ideal size for the solar-powered system, these two factors come into play: insulation and the amount of energy that is needed. Remember, if you still doubt how large you want your system to be, even after a consultation, you can calculate how your daily consumption and multiply that by .25. This will help you find out what size system fits your house.

Puerto Rico Solar Roof Types

Puerto Rico Solar Roof Types

Roof Type

One of the first things to take into consideration when you are about to have solar panels installed is – what type of roof do you have?. In Puerto Rico, there are many types of roofs, from Spanish tiles to just reinforced wooden ones. There may also be a need to check if your roof is well fortified in case of any leaks or cracks when setting up the system.

It would be beneficial for you to find a solar company skilled in various types of roofs so they can access any situation. Nevertheless, solar panel installation is possible on just about any type of roof, though in some cases it requires extra costs.

Puerto Rico Solar System Cost Range

It’s no secret a large solar system can cost a large amount of money. The market and manufacturing of solar panels are expanding every year exponentially. This can make the market seem a little bit confusing, but it helps to keep the prices low.

Be wary of solar companies who only offer overpriced no-name systems, always ask them to show you more of what they have to offer. Remember, the price of solar panels dropped since 2010. A rough estimate of the up-front investments is around $20,000 which is composed of adding federal and local credits and subsidies to your panel price. A large home could see a system run around $80,000+.

Puerto Rico Solar System Location

The most important factor in the production of solar energy is obviously sunlight. You may find yourself asking whether your panels will get enough sunlight. No need to worry about that here in Puerto Rico. It’s sunny almost every day. However, there are other variables that can affect the amount of sun exposure your system receives.

Importantly, all types of solar panels have different reactions to shadows. Some solar panels reduce the output of energy while some shut down completely. As such, ask your contractor what type of panel is better for you.  Additionally, the region you live in affects how much direct sunlight your system might receive. Tall buildings, trees, and even other houses impact how much sunlight your system receives. The angle of your panels also plays a role in their power production.

Puerto Rico Solar Panel Light Tracker

Puerto Rico Solar Panel Light Tracker


Investing in a solar system also leads to an investment in time. Wiring and installation can take a couple of days. In some scenarios, it takes months from the time you sign the contract to the actual installation. All this is without including any outside factors like weather or some type of emergency. Be sure that your installer lays out your install schedule including permits.

Puerto Rico Solar System City Permits

Always read up on all the relevant information regarding your local building permits. This will help you not take any risks and keep your contractor out of trouble as well. Luckily General Maintenance handles all your Puerto Rico Solar System permit needs for free.

Choosing the right company 

When choosing a Puerto Rico solar company, look for professional, humble people that know their field of work and have experience. Those who offer strong, lasting warranties are good to take into consideration. Look up their information and what type of work they have done online. Another thing you can take a look at is their recent customers and reviews. Here at General Maintenance, we provide you professional Puerto Rico solar service at affordable rates. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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