8 Questions to Ask Your Puerto Rico Solar Company

Puerto Rico Solar System

Puerto Rico Solar System

It’s no secret that Puerto Rico solar energy produces clean power and helps you save on your electricity bills. Thankfully, today’s solar systems are more affordable and profitable than ever. Using renewable energy is beneficial to everyone and if you live in a place where it is sunny most of the year, especially in Puerto Rico, it makes sense. Being on a tropical island means that its sunny most days, therefore it is an ideal place for someone to invest in a Puerto Rico solar system.

Many people have invested in having a part of their house, if not the whole house powered by solar energy while living in Puerto Rico due to its sunny climate. In this type of investment on a location such as a tropical island, the outcome is to be fairly positive. However, when considering a change and having no knowledge on solar energy systems, it is important to ask yourself and ask the company you are hiring to install your system the right questions. To ensure that you make the right decision on which company is right for your next solar installation, we’ve put out these top eight critical questions.

“What type of Puerto Rico solar energy is installed on your own roof?”

To test their reliability, ask your installer what type of system they have placed on their own roof. They should know how valuable Puerto Rico solar energy has become, inside and out. Consider this a red flag if the person you hired does not have a system themselves because they cannot truly show you the benefits and usefulness of having solar power in your home. In most circumstances, if your installer doesn’t have a system, you want to ask them “why not?”

“What system should I choose that saves the most energy?”

A solar company will first need to collect certain information about your current energy needs to determine which size system you require. Your home energy usage patterns and the orientation and angle of your roof are also needed to determine the size of the system for your home. Additionally, information such as which utilities you use the most, how much your current electricity rate is, and your local power company’s net metering rate (how much they pay you for your not used electricity). All this information together helps installers to create a financial forecast based on that. General Maintenance sends professional site estimators to every location.

Choosing the Right Puerto Rico Solar System

Choosing the Right Puerto Rico Solar System

“Are you a licensed Tesla solar Battery installer? How much experience in the industry do you have?”

It’s always important to check if your installer has the licensing to install the products you desire. They should as well be insured and bonded. Ask them how long their business has been running. If you want to go the extra mile, look up information on the company. For example, their website or reviews on their work. It is also a good idea to ask who will be physically present doing the installation. If the company sends out a subcontractor, make sure they’re licensed and experienced too.

“Will you be taking a detailed inspection of my roof?”

The solar contractor will need to physically take a view of your roof. This is to help the procedure of safely installing your solar panels. They also are going to verify the condition and age of the roof and if its the case, you may have to replace it before installing your solar energy system. Keep in mind that when a contractor installs the racks to support the solar panels, they will be drilling holes into your roof. It may become essential to ask what types of tools and materials will be used to prohibit damage.

“What if my Puerto Rico solar-powered system does not generate as much energy as predicted?”

If you find that your new solar system doesn’t generate as much power as you predicted there are important steps you must take. If the solar company has promised a specific amount of energy production per year, be first to ask what will happen if the solar panel efficiency does not meet your expectations. Depending on the company, there will be a variety of options. For example, the solar company may add extra panels, free of charge; or they will reimburse for the system’s underperformance. Your contractor will be open to any questions regarding this matter.

“What if my situation needs change over the years?”

The weather in Puerto Rico can be sometimes unpredictable. As such, things happen and your solar-powered system may need to change in the future. There are many instances where you might need to change or upgrade your system. For example, you end up expanding your house, therefore needing your grid to expand too. The best alternative to this is to think ahead when you are purchasing a solar system and buy a system large enough for the potential future is of good use too.

How Puerto Rico Solar Panels Work

How Puerto Rico Solar Panels Work

“What happens if I choose to relocate while leasing a Puerto Rico solar system?”

There are many options if this would be the case and there is no need to worry. One can transfer the lease to a new homeowner after they have been approved for the home, which is based on a credit check. The company that handles the leasing may have the option to remove the system if the new homeowner does not qualify. As a result, you will no longer be bound to the contract. Be sure to ask your solar company if there are any fees associated with removing the system or transferring the lease.

“Can you explain to me how are the warranties handled?”

Your solar company rep will tell you that solar systems come with both warranties and production quality guarantees. Note that you should ask your contractor also about the workmanship warranty he/she is supposed to offer. Foremost, it is ideal to ask about both warranties and what each of them covers. As well, you should be attentive of solar contractors who require you to hire them to service your system to keep your warranty from becoming void. The fact is that generally, your system might need service every five years in order to boost its performance. In addition, to save money, stick with solar companies that do not coerce you to get your solar-powered system serviced more than it is needed to. General Maintenance can provide you with the professional Puerto Rico solar energy care today.

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